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Manufacturer of Pharmaceutical Tablets & Medicines

We are one of the leading manufacturers, exporters, marketers and Project Consultants of vast assortment of pharmaceutical formulations like Tablets, Capsules, Syrup, Injections, Ointment, Soft gels and Small & Large volume parenteral and other segments like Nutraceuticals, Homeopathy, Herbal preparations, Disposable surgical & Innovative Apl's.

Our Philosophy

In the days of 21st Century, Life brings forth New & Tough Challenges. It is feverish, strongly adaptive, backing Darwin's Theory of Evolution, exploding threshold in endurance, achievements, tireless working, and exploring new horizons. Old records are excelled. Homo sapiens have faced forthrightly all the obstacles from the Natural phenomenon to man made risks, from external hosts to internal parasites.

To make life more significant, worthy and full of pleasure is our philosophy. “We impart so as to Spread Communicable Smile to the mankind.” This being our fate, all our acts are to achieve this Goal.uncil of Social and Economic Development.

Corporate Profile

SCHWITZ BIOTECH has achieved worldwide recognition as a noted healthcare organization which is driven by qualified people with advanced research technology and innovative ideas supported by technocrats, state of the art technologies & knowhow and large business promoters and associates from India and Abroad.

Our Quality Control

Quality is not a Divisional Duty. It is important to everything and everyone in the Company. To assure Total Quality Management, our Quality Checking Department is autonomous in its functioning. In house Quality checks are detailed in Standard Operating Process (SOP) as per the WHO-GMP norms & have been drawn up in advices specified in the US, British & Indian Pharmacopoeias, for each of the operations.

International Marketing

As a worldwide Healthcare organization, we have our marketing network in three continents and more than 15 countries viz. AFRICAN countries like Nigeria, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Ghana, Republic of Guinea, Angola, Benin &Togo, Mozambique, Malawi and Yemen. ASIAN countries like, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh & Bhutan.

We have also networks in CENTRAL AMERICAN countries like, El Salvador, Guatemala, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Bolivia & Nicaragua. CIS countries like, Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Belarus, Tajikistan etc. &ARAB countries like Iraq and Iran.


We have go into into a licence agreement with BION Corporation LTD., London, UK, for joint Research Development in latest Nutritional Supplements, Rarest of the Amino Acids, Pre & Pro Biotic formulations, Homeopathic & Herbal preparations for joint market penetrations throughout CIS countries, Some European markets & Latin American countries.

Masterminding the efforts in providing quality medications for both chronic as well as acute medical conditions has truly guided us to live up to our corporate tag line “Spread the Fragrance of Life”.

Our Vision & Values

To excite globalized efforts in our slogan of ”Spreading the Infectious Smile” and “Flying for Excellence” through collected Research Development by strategic alliance both in India &Abroad.

Since its establishment in the year 1998, the company has remained based on the following values:

Our Endorsement

Quality is our way of life, our strength and our endeavor is to do better every time.

All our acts are towards uninterrupted improvement and up gradations of Quality. We are alert of the fact that quality will help us to achieve our Goal. Quality will keep us to make strong bond with our clients. Quality will make us extend SMILE.

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